Embrace the elements of the human condition and discover your technical and creative potential.


DDC is excited to offer classes for people of all ages and abilities during the Month of March!

DDC dance artists love teaching and sharing the art of dance.

Teachers are well known for their superb dance classes and workshops for people of all ages and abilities in schools and communities. We strongly believe that dance is a powerful means of communication that can energize communities, built self-esteem, courage, and pride. We engage and encourage each individual to create visual records of their thoughts and feelings through dance, music and literature.

About the Series

All are welcome. No formal dance experience needed. All classes are taught remotely via Zoom and are designed to accommodate limited and non-traditional spaces for moving. Once you register, you will receive the Zoom link on or before the class date. Each class will have a different link.

Class Descriptions / Schedule 

Morning Stretch & Mobility  with Lizz LeClerc

Wed 3/3 @ 9 am (1 hour)

Prepare your body for the day ahead, whether that involves sitting at a desk or rigorous dancing. This class, open to all movement levels, will wake up the mind and body with gentle mobilization exercises, a guided full body stretch, and a relaxing meditation. Improve your flexibility, range of motion, and posture while starting the day off refreshed.

Moving Art with Barbara Selinger

Th 3/11 @ 11 am (1 hour)

Discover and explore movement inspired by the Visual Arts! Together, the class will view images of artwork that will serve to motivate individual creative responses. The class will begin with a gentle warm-up that encourages all to experience an organic sense of wholeness through the use of breath. Collectively, we will participate in guided exercises and prompts that empower each of us to find ways of expressing our thoughts and feelings. 

“Moving Art” will embrace the elements of the human condition with respect, love and compassion. 

This online class will be streamed live from KickstART Farmington Gallery. 

Dances for Healing with Emma Davis

Fri 3/19 @ 5 pm (1 hour)

Dances for Healing speaks to small actions for creating big changes. We are individuals gathering to move together at the speed of trust. Trust in ourselves and trust in each other. Together we create a moment that can only happen right now with our movements for change within oneself, within our community together, and within our society at large. A change that grows when we pay attention to it.

This class offers guided movements that draw upon inspiration from the places around us and our personal experience. Participants will stretch, spiral, and release stress in the spine, shoulders, and core while heightening bodily and spatial awareness. Then, contribute to the creation of a collective movement meditation that propels dance into action for personal, communal, and societal change towards healing.

Gyrokinesis with Amy Hutchison

Wed 3/24 @ 12 noon (1 hour)

Gyrokinesis is a flowing sequence of movements for the whole body! It decompresses joints, increases range of motion, and builds strength and stamina. Emphasis is on movement of the spine, circular and figure eight patterns, and deep breath work. Participants can expect to move the whole hour and feel amazing afterward! Please have a sturdy chair or stool, and a mat or towel available for the class.

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